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Who We Are

Conscious Revolution is a woman-owned-and-run consultancy offering expert-level support, holistic solutions, and a values-aligned approach to engage, inspire, and empower conscious organizations looking to serve a greater purpose.

The strategies, tools, processes, and methods we use are designed to initiate change at an organization’s foundation and create sustainable momentum for conscious companies to achieve their goals and transform their organization.

What We Value


We are human, first and foremost. To be human, you need space, laughter, boundaries, humility, and connection. We incorporate our humanity into our work with clients.

New Way

We question the norm and build a new way. We know that we can’t build new systems using the same thinking. We are aware of the trap of binary thinking.


We are curious by nature and love learning. We value many perspectives and know there are many sides to the story. We look for the lessons in the mistakes and always see potential in every situation.


We build courage to say what needs to be said. We respect our own and others boundaries and always speak our truth.


We honor our commitments and are flexible to change when circumstances shift. We only commit when we’re sure. We do what we say, and we say what we mean.


We seek joy in everything we do. Changing the world is a joyful endeavor! We find opportunities to celebrate and honor each other and laugh, connect and have fun with one another.

Meet Our Team

When you work with Conscious Revolution, you’ll know that we are different in our approach to elevating your conscious business.

In addition to hands-on support and consultation, we influence you to think differently, learning to rely on your own instincts as you build your conscious company.

Conscious Company

Tara Jenkins, (she/her) Principal Consultant & Founder

I’ve got a couple of things I’m doing that I’d call my life’s joy (formerly called life’s work). Being a mom to my two kids gives me a chance to directly influence two people that will do great things in this beautiful, chaotic, wild world. Yes!

My life’s joy is also helping leaders build inspiring organizations that they love. There’s no better way to spend precious life time! The unique organizations we create together impact so many people for the better.

I have been told I’m a catalyst for transformation. To do this work I have a commitment to be awake in every aspect of my life, a commitment to equity and abundance, and a vow to be content in being both polished and a messy work in progress.

Witty things make me laugh. Kindred spirits fill me up. I love the sky, trees and water. Ask me to travel, sing, dance, hike, or see live music and I’m immediately in. Skiing and camping are a blast once you’ve started but the prep almost makes me not want to go. Someday I’ll be deeply settled in my body and soul and helping others to do the same.

And yeah, I have all those credentials one typically needs to be declared legit. Twenty-five plus wisdom-building years grinding it out as a global HR leader; Undergrad in Human Resources, Masters in Organizational Development & Leadership, Certifications galore. In 2019, I became one of the world’s first Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultants*.

Our work together will fill everyone, including us, with joy and inspiration. Yes, we can do that! Yes, that’s what we are doing! Join us!

Elise Allyn, (she/her) Associate Consultant & Lead Analyst

This was very hard for me to write, which is funny because 1. I have a degree in writing and 2. My favorite kind of writing is autobiographical. But whenever I sat down to write this bio, this public facing piece of myself, I was overcome with fear and indecision. The simple fact that you, dear reader, were going to read this paralyzed me.

I’m sharing this with you because it’s part of what you get when you work with me. I’m a human first and foremost and I bring my humanity to work. I show up wholly and passionately because doing this work, the work of helping leaders create conscious, equitable companies, it’s the work I was born to do.

The deepest part of me lights up when I am helping others. I love your challenges, your problems, your concerns, your fears. I love them because I know that together we can figure them out, conquer them, quell them. My many years of experience as an employee of all stripes coupled with years of acting in an HR capacity leave me uniquely qualified to think with my HR hat and act with my human heart.

When I joined Conscious Revolution in 2021, I was looking for a home that would allow my love of helping others to truly flourish. I’ve found that home.
Elise Allyn Conscious Revolution
Margot Fine, Partner Consultant at Conscious Revolution

Margot Fine, (she/her) Partner Consultant

My name is Margot (she/her) – I love walking by the ocean with my husband, learning new things alongside my 3 kids, the smell of a campfire, and making soup without recipes. I am a 3rd generation New Yorker, a mother and stepmother, and have been building community for over 20 years in Portland, Maine, colonized Wabanaki land. I have a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Bates College and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern Maine and am trained and licensed as a clinical social worker, with my practice rooted in radical social change strategies for structural transformation and community justice. 

I am on a path that is driven by a desire to build a more interconnected world.

Over the last 15 years, as Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director at Maine Inside Out (MIO), I have co-created an innovative transformative justice organization implementing a sustainability framework, strategic planning, and operational oversight with a commitment to non-traditional governance models and shared leadership values. I bring a strong anti-racist movement orientation to all of my work and strive to create a culture of integrity and trust across diverse teams of people, where all can feel confident to build meaningful relationships, be autonomous and collaborative, make mistakes, and learn and grow personally and collectively. 

At Conscious Revolution, I will work to build the Conscious Leadership Community with the aim to creatively engage leaders and changemakers across sectors to accelerate progress toward personal healing, organizational change, and systemic and cultural transformation. I also look forward to working with partners on purpose, values, and organizational design with a focus on shared leadership and organizational practices toward new culture building.

Kaitlyn Clark (she/her), Virtual Assistant

As the Conscious Revolution Virtual Assistant, I approach all aspects of my role with a positive mindset and strive to help manage the day-to-day needs. Supporting the team to do such important work brings me incredible joy.

I have 6 years of administrative experience and a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Missouri. 

Outside of work, I am a wife and a mother to three young boys and enjoy adventuring and experiencing life with my family.

Kaitlyn Clark, Virtual Assistant at Conscious Revolution
Iric Schoenfeld, Chief Financial Officer for Conscious Revolution

Iric Schoenfeld (he/him), CFO

I joined the team in 2022 to help guide Conscious Revolution’s financial growth, impact, and planning as the fractional CFO. I enjoy working with Conscious Revolution because they are always pushing the norms and challenging me to view financial success through a non-traditional lens.

I’m also the founder of Rise Financial Solutions, a boutique firm offering CFO, accounting, and FP&A consulting services. I started Rise to support business owners and investors with everything from day-to-day accounting to the complexities of M&A, financial modeling, and strategic planning. Committed to ethical practices, Rise is advancing toward B Corp certification and is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, reflecting a strong focus on sustainable business decisions.

Prior to founding Rise, I worked in a variety of financial roles at organizations including Activision Blizzard, Constellation Brands, and Topgolf and I’m a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the State of California. Beyond the balance sheets, I enjoy surfing, hiking, and quality moments with my wife and dog, embracing the very lifestyle and environmental values my firm advocates for.


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Our Commitment To Stakeholder Value

We are woman-owned consulting practice that has been partnering with leaders to build conscious companies since 2019. As a Public Benefit Corporation and a Certified B Corp , we prioritize working with businesses that share our value of balancing purpose, people, planet, and profit. Our Annual Report shares our success in 2022 and serves as our annual benefit report for the year.

Kinds Words From Our Clients

A Selection of Our Clients / Friends

We Work with values-oriented leaders who want to expand their impact and leave a legacy they can be proud of.

The Maine Conscious Business Collective is a Conscious Revolution initiative that will evolve over time. The Collective serves as an education, inspiration and connection hub by unifying Maine’s many conscious leaders and companies.