About Conscious Revolution

Are you looking to build a different type of company?

A wildly successful company that inspires everyone it touches and elevates how business is done?

Let’s dream about the company you envision!

  • Top talent competes to work with your company
  • Your company makes a difference in the world
  • Everyone working with your company is grateful
  • Your employees enjoy going the extra mile every day
  • You are infinitely proud of the work you do
  • Dreaded Monday’s and grinding it out don’t exist 

Accept nothing less

Whether you are just getting started or have been around for a while, I will build this company with you. I’ll guide you based on what’s most important to make your dream of running one of the best companies in and for the world a reality. It’s entirely possible. Let’s do it together.

Conscious Revolution exists to inspire life through work. Together with business leaders, we build conscious companies that transform how work is done and business is run.

Hi I’m Tara, the founder of Conscious Revolution.

Tara Jenkins, Founder of Conscious Revolution

I’ve transformed organizations as a leader, coach, and passionate catalyst for change over the course of my 25 year career. For most of my career I was a Human Resources leader working a variety of industries and organizations, from non profits to startups to multinationals. My work has taken me around the world as a leader and an expat. After all I’ve seen I know there is a better way to run companies. I am committed to using my experience, expertise, insight and wisdom to proliferate the Conscious Business movement.

I’ve got the experience and the education (undergrad in HR and masters in org development & leadership), but lots of people have those things. In addition to being one of the first Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultants in the world, those who have worked with me will tell you I’m different in my approach. I will influence you to think differently so that you learn to rely on your own instincts in building your dream company. Along with my deep expertise, my passion and enthusiasm is contagious. We will have fun working together and we’ll do the most important work of our lives.

I partner with CEO’s and Founders to build conscious companies.

All work can be fulfilling and transform our lives if we strive to create businesses with higher purpose, conscious leadership and conscious culture. If we do this while adding value for all stakeholders then everyone benefits from the existence of your business. This elevated way of doing business creates more meaning and better outcomes for everyone and everything your business touches. Implementing conscious business principles initiates a virtuous cycle that leads to a sustainable, highly profitable company.  

In the News

• Conscious Revolution has been featured on the cover of the April 6th edition of MaineBiz.

•Tara designated as one of the first certified Conscious Capitalism Consultants worldwide