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Testimonial – 3169

One of our team members had previously worked with Conscious Revolution and recommended that we consider having them come in for one of our monthly team meetings as an outside speaker. I jumped at the idea, but frankly did not fully understand the true opportunity this would create. Their presentation inspired our team and quickly Testimonial – 3169

Testimonial – 1065

Tara brought entrepreneurial energy and enthusiasm to Bristol’s Workforce development, and our company is better off for it. She quickly earned the team’s respect and we accomplished meaningful work that benefitted to our team members and bottom line. If you have chance to bring her talents to bring your company, take advantage of it.

Testimonial – 1064

Our firm had long struggled with our annual associate attorney evaluations. Since we retained Conscious Revolution our process has become smooth, predictable, efficient, and much more useful. Our shareholders appreciate the collaborative process for gathering associate feedback and our associates appreciate receiving well-written and timely feedback. It is a pleasure working with Conscious Revolution on Testimonial – 1064

Testimonial – 1053

We had a wonderful experience working with Conscious Revolution, and have continued to go back and ask for repeat engagements. We originally engaged Tara to help us restate and rework our purpose and core values. It was a giant project and Tara kept us on track with clear objectives. She is a master facilitator- organized, Testimonial – 1053