Speaking Engagements

An inspiring speaker


The difference between an inspiring presentation and a ho-hum one comes down to one thing — an engaging, dynamic speaker. 

When you hold a leadership gathering, you want to fully connect to all members of your team. By selecting a speaker who understands the importance of passion, independence, the power of the human voice, and authentically embodies the message, I can powerfully convey the messages that will evolve your business to the next level.

Powerful messages

My experience in the Conscious Business Movement will make our collective message even more powerful. I can speak about a range of topics, including:
• Leaders’ Role in Culture Building: Leadership Transforming the Workplace
• Leadership Principles: The Essential Building Blocks of a Company’s DNA
• The B Economy Movement: The Future of Business
• Conscious Business: People, Planet, and Profit
• Talent Principles: Guiding How Your Company Leads People
• The Human Resources Function Reimagined
• Throw Away Talent Management and Create Talent Engagement 

Changing hearts & minds

Inspiring presentations engender inspired leaders, who will carry away a deep understanding of your message and put it to practice in their daily work. Why is this so important? Speaking engagements are intended to be a catalyst for change and to make this happen, change must take place in the hearts and minds of every member of the organization. Your vision of change must be reflected in your team interactions with one another and with everyone your team interacts with as part of their work. 

Whether you need a speaker at an informal company meeting or an international, high-visibility event, I can deliver your message with power, knowledge, and conviction, unifying your company to move forward together. Partnering with an engaging speaker is a powerful tool to advance your organization. Let’s talk about how we can do that together. 

Watch one of my presentations in a TED Talk style