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The way we’ve been running companies is no longer working. The need for more sustainable systems and processes is here – and we’re here to help. Click on each service heading below to learn more.

Prioritize what’s essential by building the best foundation for your conscious company. These fundamentals are required to build a conscious company. Without them you have confusion, with them, you have clarity, coherence, ease, momentum and flow.

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More than ever people want work to be meaningful and contribute to something bigger. 

Higher Purpose creates the foundation of meaning for everything you will do as an organization and as a leader. 

Through an inspiring, fun, and collaborative process we’ll discover your Company’s Higher Purpose and provide the clarity and coherence for all of the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Identifying and activating your company values is an essential building block of your culture.  

Companies often declare values, but they are written on the wall, not inscribed in people’s hearts. 

 We’ll work together to ensure your deeply resonate values are your most important decision making tool.

The way a company is led makes all the difference. It’s imperative to continue developing as a conscious leader. It’s an “inside job.”

We’ll guide you through the transformational stages to becoming a conscious leader, leading to the most fulfilling and powerful leadership possible.

Strategic planning is a process of conscious love and care for your company. It is a time to reflect on where you’ve been and clearly articulate where you are going. 

When you prioritize the time and space for our customized and multi staged strategic planning process you are demonstrating the importance of making your Higher Purpose a reality.

How clear are you today that you have the optimal organization design to fulfill your Purpose and Strategy?  

If you are like many leaders, you desire clarity on how your company should evolve. You’d treasure a success blueprint. 

Together, we will create the plan for how your company will evolve to fulfill your Higher Purpose.

As conscious companies we’ve prioritized optimizing our core processes to streamline and create the best stakeholder experiences. What’s often forgotten?  The most repeated and important company process – how we make decisions!  

As your company scales its impact you want to empower your employees to make decisions and your leaders to facilitate inclusive decision making. 

We’ll show you how to embed optimized decision making into the way you do business, leading to the best and most inclusive decisions your company has ever made.

Who this is for

Leaders Who desire a facilitative partner to establish and refresh there company’s compass to create clarity, coherence and decision making ease

Cultivating the fundamental human need to matter and belong is one of the most important things we can do as leaders. Through our thoughtful approaches this will be your most influential contribution to your company.

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Culture happens no matter what.  Let’s be intentional about the experience you want for all of your stakeholders, particularly your most important stakeholder, your employees. 

We’ll start co-creating your intentional culture and community with stakeholder mapping and an assessment to understand the current stakeholder experience.

Together, we’ll architect your desired culture and community in support of your Higher Purpose and Strategy.  We will recommend and help to implement the approaches that close the gap between your current state and your aspirational culture and community.

We’ll build a caring, equitable, inclusive and rejuvenating culture and community that differentiates your company in every way.

Your company will have a more profound impact than you ever imagined possible when all of your stakeholders are collectively thriving and working together towards your ongoing success.

We will identify synergies across all of your stakeholders where every stakeholder mutually benefits and you continuously move toward the fulfillment of your Purpose.

Who this is for

Leaders ready to evolve to the highest level of cultural maturity in need of an experienced partner with creative, fresh perspective

The way you work together defines your company culture and Human Resources has a big influence. We bring a restorative and human centered approach to Human Resources with expert conscious advice and guidance from our team. 

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You invest so much in rewarding and recognizing your employees, but you are not alone in questioning whether your investments are having the desired impact. 

Our comprehensive compensation and benefits assessments  provide confidence that you are channeling precious resources to the most competitive, valued, aligned and meaningful investments.

Your commitment to operating differently is reflected in your company’s policies and practices. Conscious companies often inherit traditional employment policies in dire need of a conscious update.  

Determining the alignment of your policies and practices to your purpose and values is a big undertaking. We’ll take the overwhelm away and get this done for you!  In the end, your ways of working will support the culture and community you are intentionally building.

Traditional employment practices dictate “managing” performance, creating a disempowering dynamic and negative experience for both employees and managers.

Through our performance collaboration process, we’ll show you how to drive desired outcomes through clarity, coaching, empowerment, alignment and accountability.

There are key moments in an employee’s experience that significantly differentiate your company – how an employee is welcomed, how they know they are valued, and how they experience your process of moving on. 

We provide unique and customized practices for these key moments that define success differently and keep your conscious company in full alignment with your values and aspirational culture.

Who this is for

Companies desiring full alignment and integrity between their conscious philosophies and all their people related practices

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Case Studies and Client Results

Allagash Brewery, a world renowned B Corp, had outgrown their Purpose and values and engaged with Conscious Revolution for a purpose and values refresh. Conscious Revolution facilitated a dedicated stakeholder group in a series of sessions over four months. This process led to a new Purpose and refreshed values, along with the creation of a social impact strategy.


• New Higher Purpose Statement

• Refreshed Deeply Resonate Values

• Social Impact Strategy

Great Diamond Partners, a start-up in the first few months of existence, asked for Conscious Revolution’s partnership in building a conscious company. The company had recently experienced an intense launch period. Conscious Revolution worked with leaders to stabilize the organization and created an inspiring purpose, values and leadership principles along with providing Soul-Full Human Resources Services.


• An inspiring and activated Higher Purpose

• Values embedded into decision making

• A conscious employee handbook and compensation structure

Akili Interactive, a high growth recently public company, asked for support in building aligned and leading practice people practices as they continue to grow. Conscious Revolution guided company leaders to create scalable practices that were aligned with their culture and values.


• Confident leaders successfully navigating a new phase of the company

• Conscious people practices that support the company’s Purpose, Values, and Strategy

Community Action Partners requested that Conscious Revolution present the Keynote at their annual conference and facilitate a day long program about building equity.


• A keynote that audience members reported as “thought-provoking and revelatory”

• A highly recommended collaborative community leader program that empowered community leaders to build equity into their organizations and services.

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