Leadership Coaching

How to become a great leader

Leadership is not a designated title, it is a way of being. The best leaders know how to lead themselves before leading others. To make our greatest impact as leaders we need guidance and tools to help us move toward our greatest selves. Leaders need ongoing development and support to deeply understand who they are and build awareness of how their personal values and motivations can be harnessed to become a great leader. Great leaders know they are works in progress and must always move to higher levels of leadership consciousness.

What does poor leadership look like?

You’ve likely heard that employees don’t leave their organizations; they leave their leaders. Leadership failure is an epidemic across organizations. Authoritative, hierarchical, dictatorial, micromanaging “leadership” is the common leadership style that is role/modeled, expected, or often taught. Anyone working under this type of leadership knows that there are many consequences. Employees become resentful, leading to low morale, decreased productivity, and higher levels of stress, resulting in high turnover, increased absenteeism, and a failure of your company to meet its goals. In-fighting and power struggles created by poor leadership wear people down, causing them to give minimum effort to skate by. Your company performance is squashed and will always be limited by these leaders.

The cost of turnover alone should wake up all companies to the significant business risks of poor leadership. There is a cost to everyone in this failed leadership experiment, including the leaders being pressured to follow a doomed formula for leadership, stuck in a hamster wheel of employee issues, endless replacement recruiting and fear of not meeting goals.

Making the shift

The journey toward conscious leadership is a bridge to a new life filled with energy, inspiration, and joy. It’s like filling your lungs with a deep breath of fresh air. Conscious leadership is about working together in seamless unity toward the company’s Higher Purpose. Conscious leadership has to be taught, as there are few examples to emulate in organizations today. With the right tools, guidance, expectations, and role modeling, people are transformed. They become leaders who inspire and influence others to make an immeasurable impact on your company and the world. They are transformed into leaders that lead from the heart. You can give no greater gift to your employees and your company than conscious leaders.  

True leaders know they can’t continue to develop as leaders on their own. They know support and guidance is needed to move to higher levels of leadership. Give yourself and your leadership team the gift of leadership coaching. It will enable a deeper fulfillment and influence in their lives, with significantly greater impact. When your company is leading consciously, success will be greater than you ever imagined and will also feel effortless. This is how it’s supposed to be! Together, your leaders will accomplish anything you set out to do in a way that fulfills everyone who touches your company. 

Let’s do this together

As your coach, I will guide you through the transformational stages to becoming a conscious leader. We’ll start the process with deep self-assessment using a variety of proven tools to give you more insight into yourself than you knew was possible. Knowing yourself, your motivations, your values, and your blind spots is essential to conscious leadership. If you don’t really know yourself, you have limited your ability to inspire and impact others. Your deep understanding of yourself leads to pinpointing the aspects of conscious leadership that come naturally to you and defining the areas to transform with specific interventions. Imagine being the best leader you can be and changing the lives of those around you with your incomparable leadership. We can do it together.  

“I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together. ”
Queen Elizabeth II