Fractional Executive HR Leadership

A strategic HR partner

Smaller companies often have a Human Resources function that keeps the incredibly important day-to-day running. While you may not need a strategic HR leader full time, every company needs a strategic HR leader partnering with the leadership team to advance the business. A strategic business partner focused on people is required to act on the people implications of your business strategy. A strategic HR partner provides unique insight about how you can achieve your business goals with your most important resource – people! Most have high level resources focusing on the finances and legal and technology. If you’re not focusing on people, however,  you are missing a giant piece of the puzzle. As a fractional HR Leader, I will design targeted initiatives. These will significantly improve the likelihood of attracting and retaining the best talent and achieving your business plan.

How a fractional arrangement works

A fractional arrangement allows you to receive the strategic partnership at a fraction of the cost (hence the name!) of hiring an HR leader full time. As fractional HR, there is flexibility in how we structure the arrangement to meet your needs. A must is that I’m included as a member of the leadership team in key meetings and initiatives and that I quickly add value and make an impact in your organization. Some examples of what I will do as the fractional HR leader:

• Participate in senior leadership meetings to increase diversity of thinking, provide insight, challenge and an independent perspective, which leads to better outcomes
• Partner with the CEO and leadership team to accelerate reaching business objectives through innovative ideas, leading talent practices, and customized approaches
• Coach the CEO and senior leadership to solve specific problems or address development needs.
• Recommend the organizational design of the company, leadership team or a critical team
• Develop a comprehensive organizational talent plan linked to the business plan
• Design and lead culture and engagement initiatives linked to the business plan
• Design diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in partnership with the senior leadership team

I can refer you to trusted resources if you need help with operational areas of HR. 

Whatever your company needs, I can help you design a plan that works for your business, ramping up support in times of transition and demand and serving as an advisor on an as-needed basis. Your fractional HR leadership plan can incorporate as much or as little involvement as your company requires and can change at any time. As your business grows, my services will expand with you to help your leadership understand the new implications and opportunities of a growing organization.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”
Maya Angelou