Culture Creation

Your company’s culture

Culture exists in every company, no matter what. The organizational culture sets the baseline for daily life in the company. This includes everything from the working environment, to employee morale, to overall productivity, to the company’s reputation in the community and world at large.  

The biggest differentiator in the best companies is a relentless commitment to consciously building a caring culture. This happens through the creation of values, norms, processes, and practices that define what’s important and how work gets done.

A culture assessment takes an unbiased snapshot of the inner workings of your company’s day-to-day environment. It examines interactions, traditions, values, beliefs, and practices. A third-party independent assessment will reveal what aspects of your culture are out of alignment with your espoused values and beliefs. It will demonstrate where there is more work to be done. We’ll learn what drives your employees — is it trust of reward or fear of consequences? Is there a spirit of cooperation among your team? Or do competition and mistrust engender a toxic working environment? A culture assessment takes a close look at leadership to reveal how well they are doing. Do employees feel comfortable suggesting new ideas and improvements? Does your company have a positive, productive, and energetic vibe? Alternately, is there one of fear, cynicism, and resentment?

Employee Health

Employee stress has become an acceptable norm in many workplace cultures. But what are the real statistics? Increased stress has been linked to a multitude of health issues, including chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer. In short, our current work culture is making us sick. Our current work culture is literally killing off our future — our future which lies in our human talent, our colleagues. 

It’s time to realize that employee health and happiness as a foundational aspect of our workplace cultures is essential and is our wealth. That we can no longer afford to treat our employees as disposable resources with careless disregard for their health, for their lives.

Pioneering change

With conscious leadership, we aim to not only grow our businesses, but to grow the change we wish to see in the world. We are pioneers for a future world where our employees have autonomy, a sense of fulfillment, renewed loyalty, and faith in their futures. 

Company culture is also important for establishing a unified message surrounding your brand. Where is there integrity in your messages and practices and where is there incongruity? Have no doubt that if your employees feel safe to share, they will give you the “real deal” in the cultural assessment. You will gain invaluable insight into the inner workings of your company and the feelings of your employees. A culture assessment is the best way for you to address roadblocks that stand in the way of your company’s Higher Purpose.

Taking Action

A conscious culture embraces a spirit of unity, care, cooperation, and understanding to ensure all employees are treated fairly and with respect. The outcome of your culture assessment may surprise you — for better or worse. But in the case of culture, as with many things, ignorance is not bliss. You must know the good, the bad, and the ugly so you can address them. Leaving your culture to manifest without conscious creation is like operating your business without a financial statement. Would you ever do that? Culture is just as critical, yet many leaders don’t understand the implications of a neglected culture. Building your desired culture is a key part of your business strategy. By determining your company’s ideal culture and mapping where your organizational culture currently stands, I will recommend strategies for moving toward your desired culture.

Let’s understand your current culture and determine your future culture and build the bridge to get there — together.

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
Simon Sinek