Conscious Business Training

The problem

Fifty years ago,  it was a different world. Workers would often be employed 30 years or more with a company and then retire. While many employment issues such as inequality, sexual harassment, and workplace safety have improved since then, many companies no longer exhibit any loyalty to their employees. All too often, employees aren’t treated like human beings; they are treated like disposable resources to be used by the company when convenient and swiftly exited at the first sign of something not going right.

In environments where they feel expendable, employees have responded in kind — with decreased company loyalty. Employees have learned the hard way that they’d better look out for themselves. And instead of pouring all their talent and energy into their work — making your company stronger — they have one foot out the door.

Because of this, employees will often only provide the expected minimum effort or the standard two-week notice, no matter how badly this departure may be timed. This can be disastrous to a company when a key employee decides to leave, say, right before an important conference or product launch. The strain placed on the other employees, who now have to pick up the pieces, is likely too much for them to handle, as many workers are already overloaded in their positions. This leads to employee dissatisfaction, stress, and fatigue, causing more employees to spruce up their resumes. One employee leaving often means many more will follow.

The Conscious Business Movement asks: Is this model really working for anyone?

The solution

Instead of the typical soul-crushing working experience, offer your employees something transformative — a chance at a better life and future. Let them know you are making a commitment to their futures and that the work relationship is always reciprocal — and you aren’t going to fire them at the drop of a hat because of a challenging financial quarter. Set clear and positive guidelines and a promise to support them and help them succeed. Offer them a chance to improve their health, happiness, and prosperity during their employment at your company. Your employees will respond in kind. With loyalty. With productivity. With positive, sunny attitudes. With excellent referrals that will keep top-quality candidates coming and top performers continually contributing to your collective success.

Conscious Business Training

Conscious leadership is more than a business model; it is a calling. But it is not a calling of purely humanitarian efforts — conscious leadership is a proven model which not only betters the lives of your employees — it also builds value in the retention of talent, increased employee involvement and productivity, as well as the generation of groundbreaking ideas and technology. And you will be more profitable as a result.

You are determined to build a better business — and thankfully, you are in some good company. By uniting with other like-minded and forward-thinking leaders, you are helping create the future — the Conscious Business Movement! Like anything worth doing, you can’t do it alone — you need leaders to be with you every step of the way. Conscious Business training — either as a retreat or a multisession series — will align your leadership to build a new kind of company. Your team will transform its leadership and the company by learning to:

  • Discover their and the organization’s Higher Purpose
  • Bring their individual and the company’s Higher Purpose to fruition 
  • Find their inner authentic leader
  • Lead others consciously, fostering a culture in which everyone thrives
  • Engage stakeholders to achieve maximum value for everyone
  • Throw away old-paradigm thinking and join as a pioneer in the Conscious Business Movement.  

“That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life but in a new way.”
Doris Lessing