Plan B Consultation

The B Economy: What is right for your business?

The B Economy is a bit of alphabet soup. You have an instinct that you want to get involved but don’t quite understand how the elements fit together. You don’t know where to start. Incorporating conscious business principles is the bare minimum for building a successful business. There are also structural tools you can employ to bolster your commitment to maximizing stakeholder value — B Corp certification and Benefit Corporation incorporation. Which is right for you? Neither or both? As you make this commitment, you need an expert to navigate the right path for your company.

For many conscious leaders, the attraction to build a conscious business is instinctual. You feel the need in your soul to carry out this work. You know there is another way to build your business that will add significant value to the world. As a leader, you want to be part of the virtuous cycle that treating all of your stakeholders as equals creates. Right now, know you can launch your journey to building a conscious business. You need nothing but determination, a willingness to learn and improve, and humility.  

At some point, you may want to go even farther. That is when it’s time to consider “Plan B”(Benefit Corporation or Certified B Corp). The decision to dive into Plan B is strategic and must be considered from all angles. You must have the right information to make the best decision for your company. When you decide the path of Plan B, you are you are announcing to the world your unwavering commitment to changing how success is defined in business, valuing all of your stakeholders, and advancing the Conscious Business Movement as a whole.

Filing as a Benefit Corporation

In more than 35 states, a company can designate as a Benefit Corporation, a legal business classification. Filing as a Benefit Corporation is a stake in the ground about your values as an organization that can provide enormous benefits, while at the same time, creating important responsibilities for your company that must be well understood. Benefit Corporation status builds a legacy of stakeholder value into the DNA of your organization, transcending leadership changes and fad-of-the-month leadership approaches. 

B Corp certification

B Corp certification is a recognized public accolade that attracts customers and employees to you. This certification is granted after an extensive independent, third-party assessment to hold companies accountable to transparency and evolving their business consciously. The talent you need for your business to succeed is clamoring to work at certified B Corps because the B Corp brand is a trusted differentiator. Customers and investors are increasingly committed to voting with their dollars — and they will often only do business with companies that reflect their values.  

Together, let’s navigate the best approach for you to weave conscious business principles into the fabric of your company.

“Nothing worth doing is ever easy.”
Booker T. Washington