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ConsciousRevolution/Time Related
Philosophy / Symbolism
Childrens Stories / parables Music
Sun Wizard Poetry
Environment /Social Justice
Rainbow Gathering
Kelly O'Donnell Bio Presentations

Conscious Revolution/TimeRelated

Revelations about how our calendar disconnects us from connecting to the natural cycle. Why it should be reformed.

Becoming One with the Sun and Earth
Black and white booklet

Songs for the Sun,

Inspirational acoustic eco-rock songs about living in harmony with the Sun and Earth.

$4.99Plus shipping

Remember CD EcoFolk Rock by Sunn Gypsie

Philosophy / Symbolism


Childrens Stories / parables Music


Sunn Poetry


History's Mist Story by A live version Kelly O'Donnell with Katherine West reading the second voice, Jeff Finer on guitar

The Sun Wizards Insights into Poems and Letters
- Ebook 1.49$

The Sun Wizards Book of Poems. 20 page booklet 5.00$

Environment /Social Justice

101 checklist to live in Harmony with the Planet.

Rainbow Gathering

Colorado 2006 National Rainbow Gathering DVD…………………....… $9.99
Mostly scenes of parade on the fourth and workshops of living the life of a rainbow warrior and the galactic alignment of 2012.

Cal 2004 National Rainbow Gathering Chasing the RainbowDVD…...... $9.99 saving old growth forests, The Indian issue, Drum circles and fire twirling at night, the Kid Parade, Talent Show Rainbow Philosophy, Reggae Medicine Show, Aloha campfire song, PopCorner music campfire night scenes, AGR–Online Rainbow council, Warriors of light kitchen scenes and before dinner prayer and lots of misc. meditation, massage, Jerusalem camp, Krishnas.
Utah National Gathering 2003 Rainbow VisionsDVD …........................... $9.99
Includes the shuttle, trail, belly dancing ,African dancing, contact dancing workshops, meaning of Earth Unity Flag, Hip story over dub, Lot of 4th day time drum circle, Medicine Wheel at night, Includes chants, trade circle and scenes of Colorado Regional

Montana 2000 National GatheringDVD Rainbow Dream …..................… $9.99
Capture some strong visual scenes from the talent show . cool buses, what Rainbow means to people, Rainbow Dream poem, flags and banners, kite, para-glider Tepee Circle, trade circle, juggling etc. etc.

Kelly O'Donnell Bio

Kelly O'Donnell received her degree in Solar Engineering from Penn State University and with her husband, built an active and passive Solar powered, off the grid Solar house which was featured on the Northern Colorado Solar Energy Societies tour of remote solar homes and in the book “Logs, Wind and Sun.” She received several Art awards and a special Avatar creator award from Microsoft. She was a computer teacher and has published articles in the Healing Path Magazine, Club Meg News, and The Sun Tribe newsletter quarterly. She also created a CD of Earth based eco folk-rock songs,about Solar Energy. She designed the 3D Temple of Time of Natures Calendar-Clock of Conscious Revolution as a place to heal and transform our relationship to the Sun, the Earth and ourselves. She gives workshops and presentations at churches, festivals, schools and colleges. Her work ties together the Heavens, Earth, and Self, with science, art, music and architecture.

Past workshop/Presentations:
_ 2016Arise Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch -Workshop Area 51 Empowerment throught aligning with the Pattern of Nature
_ 2015Maker Faire at Rocky Mountain Institue of Science and Technology - Natures Temple of Time .
_2015Arise Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch -Natures Temple of Time, Infinity Mirror, Well Come Inn
_2014Arise Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch -Natures Temple of Time, Solutions Village "
Aligning with the Light"
_ 2013Maker Faire at Rocky Mountain Institue of Science and Technology - Natures Temple of Time .
_2013Arise Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch -Natures Temple of Time, Art Installation and workshop. Poetry contest contest co winner.
_Poetry readings at Allie Cat, Loveland Museam,McCreery House, Shine Resteraunt in Boulder
_Ignite 8 Port Collins The Unity of Symbols -
_ Ignite 7 Fort Collins The Calendar Conspiracy
_CU Earth week presentation -Connecting Cultural Symbols to Nature to Create a Unified Sustainable Culture.-
_Colorado State University Mind Body Spirit Fair 3Dmind mapping
_Ft CollinFarmers Market -Girl Scouts - Understanding Solar Energy
_Unitarian Universalist Summer Solstice Service
_Beltaina Festival - Connecting to the Natural Cycles
_Uproot Free school - Connecting to the Sun and Earth
_Lugnasah - Solar alignment Ritual
_Dragonfest - Cosmic wheel and Earth Chants
_Sustainable living Fair - Stone Circles -message from the past.
_Anthology Bookstore - The Cosmic Wheel

John Major Jenkins Author of "2012" History calls Natures- Calendar- Clock "Amazing" " it is the grand unified theory wrapped into the seasonal solar cycle."

Presentations & Workshops~

To schedule presentation or workshop, contact Kelly O'Donnell info @ thesuntribe,

Course overviews~

Natures Temple of Time connects many cultural symbols to nature(and Solar Energy) though science. Understand perspective and apparent movements of the Earth and Sun and time.  See how symbols relate  yin yang, tree, cross, ankh, star, planet Earth movement, Times table fractal, Sun movement  annelemna, tropic of Cancer, Capricorn, Moon orbit, constellations  light,  Rainbow, Star of David, Surya Yantra mandala, Koch fractal, life cycle, light cycle, growing cycle, personal mental growth cycle,  color wheel, compass, clock-daily cycle and calendar-yearly cycle.  

Aligning with the Light
New sustainable solar culture that connects to Housing Gardening, exercise, home furnishings, fashion, landscaping, games, art, ritual, celebrations, traditions, habits, songs and poetry.


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