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Philosophy / Symbolism
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Conscious Revolution/Time

5:14 Ignite FC 7: Kelly O'Donnell -
The Calendar Conspiracy
to Separate Us for Nature's Cycles"
at Ignite Fort Collins 7.
7:22 Spring Equinox is Easter, Earth Day, Mothers Day, Pass Over, Saint Patricks Day Learn the truth revealed by words and science.
9:54 Summer Solstice Service
Solar Energy- part 1 of 3
10:00 Summer Solstice Service-
Solar Energy part 2 of 3
Summer Solstice Service -
part 3 of 3
2:46 Song For The Sun (and Solar Energy)- celebrate on Sunday.
Improv with Carol Skylark/ Shaman Jaman,
and The Sun Tribe.
4:49 Summer Solstice fire party celebration
for the Sun
. The lighting of a flaming spiral.
2:44 Solar Energy Song Chants Songs and Poem
Three chants a poem to inspire to align with the sun
7:05 Wester is the Fall Equinox.
Words Symbols Sounds
when it is West of the Sun.
10:00 Ideas to celebrate the Winter Solstice includes history/word meanings / connections to Christian, Jewish, Wiccan symbols.
2:56 Winter Solstice Song Remember for Christmas time Hanukkah carol A Winter Celebration Song.
:45 12 Days of Solstice A reinvention of the 12 days of Christmas describing sacred geometry and the natural cycle.

Philosophy / Symbolism

3:38 Conscious Revolution Invitation to Sacred Geometry and Solar Consciousness. Conscious Revolution as a symbol. A virtual 3D mind map called the Crystal Dome.
6:28 Pt1 The Crystal Dome Sacred Geometry Lost symbols
8:00 Pt2 Center of the Crystal Dome sacred geometry lost symbols. Relationship of symbols of the Earth below and the Heavens and Sky above.
5:04 Ignite Fort Collins 8: Kelly O'Donnell - The Hidden Unity of Symbols with Nature- May 19th, 2011 at Ignite Fort Collins 8
Natures Calendar Fire pit design
checklist 101 ways to live in Harmony with the Planet.


Becoming One with the Sun and Earth
Black and white booklet. A companion book to Natures Calendar It is a template that addresses all six directions and center what is happening in the yearly cycle and how it applys to mans life cycle. 12 pages.

$4.99 (+ shipping) Two sided, 81/2 x 11" recycled cardstock - Designed to be displayed on the ceiling pointing north or verticle on the South wall, this calendar includes monthly mantra's and information about the energies of each month to inspire you to work towards achieving your goals.


Songs for the Sun Listen
Eco/poet/folk/rock for Warriors of the Sun
$4.99Plus shipping

Remember CD Listen
Inspirational Eco-Folk Rock
2:01 Remember the Victims-A tribute to the victims of injustice.
The Sun Tribe Shamanic and meditative drumming om namah shivaya
ABC Poem ABC Poem
History's Mist Story  A live version Kelly O'Donnell with Katherine West reading the second voice, Jeff Finer on guitar.
ABSees Ignite Presentation "There is more to the ABSees than meets the eye"
The Sun Wizards Insights into Poems and Letters- Ebook 1.49$ Learn the hidden connection and symbolic meanings of our letters.
The Sun Wizards Book of Poems. 20 page booklet 5.00$ Assembles alliterated letter prose, word parts and homonyms into social commentary poems.

Rainbow Gathering

4:27 Rainbow Dream - Gathering pictures and song by SunnGypsie
9:57 Montana Rainbow Gathering 2000 Rainbow Family drumming
4:30 Vision for a Virtual 3D Rainbow Gathering

$9.99 Colorado 2006
National Rainbow Gathering DVD

California 2004
National Rainbow Gathering
Chasing the Rainbow DVD

Utah 2003
National Gathering
Rainbow Visions DVD

Montana 2000
National Gathering DVD
Rainbow Dream
2000 2003 2004 2006
4 Rainbow Gatherings on 4 DVDs

Kelly Sabota-O'Donnell Bio

Kelly O’Donnell is a Solar Engineer/Speaker/Writer/Singer song writer/Artist/Poet/Maker. She has helped build and lived in several off grid and grid tie solar houses that were part of a remote solar home tour and featured in a solar book.
She combines her Solar knowledge with the study of symbols and created the art installation"The Temple of Time/Natures Calendar" at the Arise Festival and Maker Faire. She has publish articles, in Club Meg News and the Healing Path Magazine written several small pamplet books and made documentarys of Rainbow Gatherings. She has won art awards participated in art shows and won a special Avatar creator award from Microsoft. She has released two CDs, "Remember" and "Songs for the Sun".
She has been a guest speaker on Transparent Nation and guest poet on Between the pages on KRFC Radio shows.She has given several presentations at Ignite, the Loveland museum, churches, colleges, radio shows and festivals. When she is not busy gardening, she is studying, creating, tieing together the Heavens, Earth, and Self, with science, art, music and architecture and spinning the


Presentations & Workshops~
To schedule presentation or workshop, contact Kelly O'Donnell

Natures Temple of Time--connects many cultural symbols to nature(and Solar Energy) though science.
nderstand perspective and apparent movements of the Earth and Sun and time. 
ee how symbols relate  yin yang, tree, cross, ankh, star, planet Earth movement, Times table fractal, Sun movement  annelemna, tropic of Cancer, Capricorn, Moon orbit, constellations  light,  Rainbow, Star of David, Surya Yantra mandala, Koch fractal, life cycle, light cycle, growing cycle, personal mental growth cycle,  color wheel, compass, clock-daily cycle and calendar-yearly cycle.  

Aligning with the Light
- New sustainable solar culture that connects to Housing Gardening, exercise, home furnishings, fashion, landscaping, games, art, ritual, celebrations, traditions, habits, songs and poetry.

Spirit Path of Power Walk-
A spiritual exercize to work on inner alchemy. By combining free association with letters and numbers with the rythym of walking and increased breath and heart beat, we can explore self
discovery of inner alchemy to help us think and focus on our personal lifes goals and purpose.

Past Workshop/Presentations:
_ 2017 StArt Showing at the Fort Collins Creative Community Center displaying "The Choice", "G-O-D" and "Centered"
_ 2016 Arise Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch -Workshop Area 51 Empowerment throught aligning with the Pattern of Nature
_ 2015 Maker Faire at Rocky Mountain Institue of Science and Technology - Natures Temple of Time .
_ 2015 Arise Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch -Natures Temple of Time, Infinity Mirror, Well Come Inn
_ 2014 Arise Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch -Natures Temple of Time, Solutions Village " Aligning with the Light"
_ 2013 Pechakucha presentation "Temple of Time" at the Loveland Museum
_ 2013 Maker Faire at Rocky Mountain Institue of Science and Technology - Natures Temple of Time .
_2013 Arise Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch -Natures Temple of Time, Art Installation and workshop. Poetry contest contest co winner.
_ Poetry readings at Allie Cat, Loveland Museam,McCreery House, Shine Resteraunt in Boulder
_ Ignite 8 Port Collins The Unity of Symbols -
_ Ignite 7 Fort Collins The Calendar Conspiracy
_ CU Earth week presentation -Connecting Cultural Symbols to Nature to Create a Unified Sustainable Culture.-
_ Colorado State University Mind Body Spirit Fair 3Dmind mapping
_ Ft CollinFarmers Market -Girl Scouts - Understanding Solar Energy
_ Unitarian Universalist Summer Solstice Service
_ Beltaina Festival - Connecting to the Natural Cycles
_ Uproot Free school - Connecting to the Sun and Earth
_ Lugnasah - Solar alignment Ritual
_ Dragonfest - Cosmic wheel and Earth Chants
_ Sustainable living Fair - Stone Circles -message from the past.
_ Anthology Bookstore - The Cosmic Wheel
John Major Jenkins Author of "2012" History calls Natures- Calendar- Clock"Amazing,it is the grand unified theory wrapped into the seasonal solar cycle."

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